About Super Stylish

Experiencing the world through traveling, the feeling of discovering new places and meeting new people—these are the ingredients that created the urge to start my own business. It all started in 2013. I traded the small country of Holland for the city that never sleeps: New York. Finding a wealth of inspiration in a well-established jewelry street scene, the first designs were created; leading to the founding of a jewelry label.

Artjana Batáglia brings together her personal style and sense of fashion in the Super Stylish brand. Jewelry for one who wants to feel confident, alluring and powerful.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to make and create affordable jewelry with high quality for all women, young women and children. We want each and every person who wears our jewelry to feel great and be proud to show off their pieces.

We continually develop our Super Stylish collection while keeping our core values of affordable luxury and beautiful designs central to the collection—giving all women the opportunity to wear the latest, classiest and most stylish pieces. All the collections are designed in New York and expertly handcrafted in Italy.

Our vision is to become a well-known and celebrated jewelry brand for women young & old